Airports: Why does passenger feedback matter?

💡 Key Takeaway: Smiley feedback devices in airports enhance cleanliness by collecting real-time feedback, ensuring quick improvements.

Airports, bustling hubs of activity, are constantly seeking ways to improve the traveler experience.

In recent years, a silent revolution has taken place with the introduction of innovative tools like Smiley Feedback devices in restrooms. Their goal? To gather user feedback easily and improve the cleanliness of common spaces. These devices, often placed in airport bathrooms, invite passengers to express their opinion on the facility’s cleanliness with just a click.

And since the data collected in real-time, cleaners can quickly respond to any concerns or issues - a valuable tool for elevating the overall customer experience!

But why is it important to collect user feedback at airports?

Airport restrooms are incredibly busy places, frequented by millions of travelers flying between countries every day. Globally, there are about 17,000 airports, serving over 2 billion passengers annually: maintaining high standards of hygiene in such high-traffic environments is essential for public health and safety.

User feedback can help identify areas where hygiene practices may need improvement, such as increasing the frequency of cleaning, ensuring the availability of hand sanitizers, or implementing measures to reduce the spread of germs.

Is there an easy way to collect customer feedback in airports?

Good news: there is!

Smiley feedback devices have recently taken over airports all over the world. Especially after COVID-19, high-traffic areas such as restrooms or boarding lounges have implemented these devices to gauge passenger satisfaction and collect real-time feedback on cleanliness, service quality, and the overall airport experience.

What’s more, they correspond to new standards of cleanliness born during and after COVID-19, where hygiene and sanitation in public spaces are key.

TaqtOne allows users to give feedback in real-time.

The Power of Smiley Feedback Devices in Airports

Smiley feedback devices have become powerful tools for enhancing passenger experience and maintaining high standards of service in airports worldwide. Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, these tools have helped implement and monitor new standards of cleanliness and hygiene, reassuring passengers and instilling confidence in airport facilities.

Beyond just collecting data, smiley feedback terminals enable airports to monitor and address passenger satisfaction in real-time, facilitating timely improvements in areas like cleanliness, service quality, and overall efficiency. With their ability to gather valuable insights and drive continuous improvement, smiley feedback devices play an increasingly important role in shaping the future of airport operations and customer service.

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Azul S.
Marketing & Social Media