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Why choose our digital log sheets?

  • Instant display of the latest cleaning operations to reassure travelers.

  • Measure traveler satisfaction in real time, and show them that their opinion counts.

  • Meet the needs of +2 billion passengers a year.


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Recommended Devices for You

Smiley Satisfaction Survey device

To enhance customer satisfaction
  • Low-energy E-ink display showing the last 6 maintenance interventions.
  • Three contact or contactless smiley buttons for users to rate their satisfaction with cleanliness.
  • NFC or BLE badge for easy check-in by cleaning staff.
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Traceability device

To reassure occupants
  • Low-energy E-ink display showing the last 6 cleaning rounds.
  • NFC or BLE badge for easy clock-in and clock-out of cleaning staff.
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Taqt platform

(or the platform of your choice)
To view your data
  • Receive an e-mail or text message as soon as a service request is triggered by a user.
  • Import your agents' schedules into the online platform.
  • Create reminders and follow-up alerts.
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Our clients say it best

"More than a proof of last check-in, our client wanted a more powerful solution to also measure satisfaction. Hence our choice for the Taqt One Smiley device. Both we and our client are very satisfied with the devices.
The smiley buttons are very useful for us to observe how travelers' opinions evolve and then to act quickly in case the satisfaction rate drops. Moreover, the management is very easy. The dashboard allows us to generate reports easily and quickly, which brings even more satisfaction to our client. He is very satisfied and does not report any negative points! Thanks to its simplicity, it is a solution perfectly adapted to airports and any stakeholder."

-QSE coordinator, Lux Airport

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