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Why choose our digital log sheets?

  • Seamlessly optimize every aspect of hospital Facility Management.

  • Enhance patient care and safety with our innovative platform.

  • Break the chain of infection with cutting-edge touchless technology.


Set up your device in...

Waiting rooms

Private & Semi-private rooms


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Recommended Devices for You

Traceability device

To reassure occupants

Low-energy E-ink display showing the last 6 maintenance operations.

NFC or BLE badge for easy clock in and out.

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Clock-in/Clock-out device

For efficient attendance management

Low-energy E-ink display showing the last 6 cleaning rounds.

Two contact or contactless "In" and "Out" buttons for precise time management.

NFC or BLE badge for easy clock-in and clock-out of maintenance workers.

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Taqt platform

(or the platform of your choice)
To view your data

Import your agents' schedules into the online platform.

Track and trace your cleaning rounds with ease.

Create reminders and follow-up alerts.

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Our clients say it best

"The client wanted to set up the Taqt One solution to ensure that the cleaning tasks were properly carried out and to reassure visitors about the performed maintenance. Also, the fact of having a connected object other than a plastic sleeve brings both visual and technical advantages, it is a good thing for cleaning jobs. (...) The final client was seduced by the solution, which allows him to consult the cleaning tasks remotely. On our end, as a cleaning company, we can easily follow the work of our staff over different periods because the data is stored and does not get erased."
- Wilfried, Area Manager, Hospital Center Angoulême

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