Boosting Industry Efficiency with Seamless Traceability

Discover a new era of industrial efficiency with our connected traceability devices. Easily log cleaning and maintenance tasks instantly, ensuring clear tracking of all operations.

+30 000 sites equipped
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Why choose our digital log sheets?

  • Say goodbye to paper log sheets and embrace a more efficient way to track cleaning.

  • Real-time display of maintenance worker entries and exits, for transparent management of interventions.

  • Track key agent movements on site for better resource management.


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Recommended Devices for You

Traceability device

To reassure occupants

Low-energy E-ink display showing the last 6 maintenance operations.

NFC or BLE badge for easy clock in and out.

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Clock-in/Clock-out device

For efficient attendance management

Low-energy E-ink display showing the last 6 cleaning rounds.

Two contact or contactless "In" and "Out" buttons for precise time management.

NFC or BLE badge for easy clock-in and clock-out of maintenance workers.

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Taqt platform

(or the platform of your choice)
To view your data

Import your team's schedules into the online platform.

Trace and track your cleaning rounds with ease.

Create reminders and follow-up alerts.

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Our clients say it best

"With the aim of improvement and renewal, we proposed to our client the idea of replacing paper sign-in sheets with a digital sign-in system from Taqt. Our client was pleased with this initiative and appreciates seeing a digital device instead of a paper sheet. The feedback from the team is also positive; they have adopted it well. Thanks to Taqt solutions, we have visibility on our cleaners' activities with daily reporting by email or monthly reports after extracting data from the platform. I recommend Taqt because the installation is simple, the web platform is user-friendly, and the communication and support are effective."
- Thomas, Quality, Safety, and Environment Manager, Onet Angers

Trusted by industry leaders

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