Why You Should Wave Goodbye to Paper Cleaning TimeSheets

💡 Key takeaway: Embracing digital timesheets enhances hygiene, ease of use, and data security, transforming traceability in the cleaning sector.

In a world where hygiene and efficiency are essential, the transition from paper timesheets to digital ones becomes a no-brainer.

Digital timesheets offer many advantages over their paper counterparts, particularly in terms of cleanliness, convenience, and efficiency.

Limitations of Paper Timesheets

#1 - They're not hygienic

Paper timesheets are prone to many challenges in terms of hygiene, reliability, and overall security. Firstly, because they are made of paper, they can easily get dirty.  This can contribute to the spread of germs and bacteria, especially in high-traffic environments where multiple people handle them throughout the day.

#2 - There's can get lost or be altered

Paper timesheets are also prone to damage and loss. Because they're lightweight and easily transportable, they can be misplaced or inadvertently discarded, resulting in incomplete or inaccurate records. What's more, their prone to wear and tear, which means that important information may become illegible, hindering data analysis and decision-making processes.

#3 - They can be unreliable

Moreover, paper timesheets are vulnerable to human error and manipulation. Entries can be falsified or changed, either intentionally or unintentionally, causing errors in attendance records and making the data less reliable. This lack of accountability and traceability can affect trust in the accuracy and reliability of the information recorded on paper timesheets.

So, here's why you should transition to digital timesheets:

#1 - Hygiene & Safety are the #1 priority

Digital timesheets eliminate physical contact, thereby reducing the risk of contamination. Users can identify themselves and register cleanings via contactless badges or QR codes, ensuring safe interaction.

TaqtOne allows cleaning staff to clock-in and out through contactless buttons and NFC badges for easier recognition.

#2 - They are easy to use

Did you know that instead of spending 5 minutes manually filling a timesheet, cleaners can now tag in under 3 seconds to register an intervention?

Digital timesheets are designed to be intuitive and quick to use. Employees can easily check in, reducing waiting times and improving operational efficiency. This is especially beneficial for individuals who may have difficulty reading or writing, ensuring accessibility for all staff members.

#3 - They ensure data protection & security

Unlike paper timesheets, digital timesheets ensure data security. Information is securely stored (and directly sent to your Facility Management platform!), protected against loss and falsification. What's more, data can be collected and analyzed in real time. This helps track people flows and identify trends, providing useful insights to improve resource management.

Bonus reason: going from paper to digital has never been easier

Switching to digital timesheets is a simple and straightforward process. At Taqt, our solution is designed for easy integration and quick adoption by your teams. We offer comprehensive support to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted transition of your daily operations.

The transition from paper timesheets to digital solutions represents a significant advancement in efficiency and accessibility within the cleaning industry. By streamlining processes and reducing the time required for administrative tasks, such as logging interventions, these innovative tools empower employees and enhance overall operational effectiveness.

Want to transition to digital timesheets? Learn more about our solutions here.

Azul S.
Marketing & Social Media